Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Customer Reminder Improvements

We are delighted to have made some improvements to our free MOT and Service reminder service.

Our customers will now receive an automated text message 30 days before your MOT expiry and then a final reminder 7 days before your MOT expiry date. We will also receive a Service reminder 14 days before your annual service.

To ensure you are able to receive timely reminders, please provide us with your mobile number by contacting us. If you have changed your mobile number since you were last in with us, please also let us know.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Visit Leominster Town, while we take care of your vehicle

We have a number of customers who use our services while they enjoy a visit Leominster! In 2017 The Sunday Times Newspaper listed Leominster as one of the best places to live in the UK.

Did you know?
We can offer you a lift into town where you can spend some time browsing one of the 200 + unique and independent shops, antiques markets and cafe's or even visit Grange Court, while your vehicle is with us for Service, MOT or repair. If you'd like to explore a bit further we run a small fleet of courtesy vehicles (subject to prior booking) or you can even make a stay of it and hire one of our campers, www.oldfieldscampers.co.uk.

To get a flavour of what Leominster has to offer visit www.shoppinginleominsterhr6.com.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I have warning messages on my dash, what should I do?

Modern vehicles use complex systems systems to manage the performance of your vehicle. 

When these systems stop working correctly or a fault develops, you will usually get warning lights/symbols or messages appearing on the dash and this may or may not lead to noticeable symptoms when driving or using the vehicle. It is sensible to respond to any warning lights that come on, even if that is simply speak to your garage to ask for advice. 

Usually, warning messages will store a "fault code" in your vehicles onboard computer. 

"If you plug your laptop in, can you tell me what the fault is?" 

Unfortunately it isn't that simple! If a vehicle has a problem we would often start by reading the engine management system, either doing a full system scan or interrogating a specific system (for example the ABS system). This would usually give you a fault code or codes, but this is simply a starting point. A fault code alone will rarely give you the solution to a problem, but this information tells you where the fault lies. 

How long does it take to diagnose a fault?

Further technical information is used in conjunction with testing to try to diagnose the fault, which can be detailed or straightforward. It doesn't matter how good the garage or technician is, there isn't a definitive answer to how long a problem will take to resolve. There is often a fine balance between testing time and the cost of replacing a part. This can be complicated further by a fault being intermittent. A diagnostic check will usually start at an hour. In most cases we are able to find the problem within that time, but complex/wiring issues can take longer. We provide an initial diagnostic for a fixed price and we contact customers once this time has been taken. 

If you require a diagnostic check and are in the Leominster, HR6 area then please give us a call 01568 612436 or visit our website www.oldfieldsgarage.co.uk

Oldfields Garage Services use several computer based diagnostic machines, including Bosch KTS, SnapOn Verus Edge, Launch, VAG-Com (used for VAG technical diagnostics on VW, Audi, Skoda & Seat). We also subscribe to market leading staff training, technical support and technical information from AutoData, CarWeb Autovista. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Preparing your car for Summer...

With the help of Approved Garages, we've put together just a few simple tips to help you ensure your car is ready for the Summer. 
  • Air conditioning
Switch on your air conditioning system and put your hand in front of it – does it let our sufficient cold air? If you're travelling in warm weather (HOPEFULLY), keeping the vehicle cool can ensure the trip is comfortable for you and your family.

Oldfields Garage Services can re-gas your air conditioning system for £42 inc VAT. We can also combine this with an antibacterial treatment for your system for just £55 inc VAT. Keeping your vehicle air conditioning system topped up helps to clear your screen, can improve your fuel economy and helps to ensure you are comfortable. 
  • Tyres
Tyres are the only thing between your car and the road! Making sure you have plenty of tread enables you to stay safe. Tyre pressure also plays a vital part in this (along with ensuring they don't wear prematurely and fuel economy is maximised). You should also check for rips, tears, bulges or bald spots.  
  • Brake system
Your brakes need regular checks too – and it’s a good time to start thinking about them in summer. Inspect the brakes at regular intervals as advised in your user manual. Winter traffic tends to be slower than summer traffic and the freezing conditions have its toll on the brakes. We can have a visual inspection on your brakes to ensure these are in tip top condition. 
  • Oil
This is simple enough to check – pull out the car’s dipstick and check the level and also the colour of the oil. Ensure it meets the mark (Below maximum, above minimum) and the colour should be a sort of amber (this tends to be black on a diesel). 
  • Cool the Coolant
First of all, check the level of the coolant – is this between the minimum and maximum markers? Remember that the biggest reason for summer car breakdowns is due to overheating, so keeping the cooling system in order is vital. You should also check the concentration of the liquid. If you are not confident doing this, get Oldfields Garage Services to check the concentration for you. 
  • Clearing the windscreen
You need a crystal clear view, especially with the sun glaring down and obscuring your vision. Ensure that your windscreen is in good condition, your washer fluid is topped up and replace any worn blades. Wiper blades tend to go hard over time and don't clear correctly. A new pair of blades can improve visibility (we also stock the most popular fitment Bosch wiper blades). Using screenwash fluid helps to clear your screen effectively. 
  • Going on a journey?
If you're going on a long journey over the summer, you might want to book your car in for a pre-journey check. Call one of our team on 01568 612436 or Email service@oldfieldsgarage.co.uk

Summer Promotion - Are you planning for your 2016 summer holidays?

As you should be aware, this year, we are celebrating 25 years looking after cars, 4x4 and light commercial vans in Leominster and surrounding villages.

Throughout the year we have been running promotions as part of our celebration and this July we're giving away a JEEP luggage set from our friends at www.aspenofhereford.com.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning these fantastic pair of suitcases is complete a feedback form and post it in the box in our reception. The winner will be drawn at random at the end of the month. It couldn't be simpler. 

A special thanks to our neighbors, Aspen of Hereford for providing the Luggage Set. If you'd like to see the Luggage, Bags and Giftware products they offer, why not visit their website www.aspenofhereford.com

Sunday, 14 February 2016

How capable is your garage?

When you take your car or van to a garage you should feel assured that they have the capability to look after it!

Garages need to invest in keeping up to date with vehicle changes. This starts from the bottom up, apprentices are given the time to learn and assist more senior technicians and allowed to flourish over time. Senior technicians are provided with up to date information and have the resources to carry out work of a more technical nature.

At Oldfields Garage Services Ltd in Leominster, we do this in three ways.

Firstly - choosing the right staff. All of our staff are trained and have the necessary skills to carry out the level of work that is required. We have a mix of time served mechanics and younger team members, which gives us a blend of experience and the ability to keep up to date with modern changes with your vehicle. For example, our apprentice not only learns about general mechanical maintenance (which hasn't changed massively since cars hit the roads), but also the latest technology and systems on newer vehicles.

Secondly - providing training. We have access to excellent training, but being independent this doesn't tie us to any one provider. We make a conscious effort to invest in training for our team to update and refresh their skills and keep us up to date with technological changes. One example is

Thirdly - specialist tools, information and diagnostics. Oldfields Garage subscribes to several sources of technical information which enables us to carry out more technical diagnostics and procedural tasks. Throughout the year we invest in some of the latest specialist tooling which enables us to carry out work efficiently and in some cases simply just carry out basic jobs!

Some of our specialist diagnostic tools include Bosch KTS, Delphi Diagnostics, Launch (general diagnostics for most manufacturers), Delphi Diagnostics, VAG Com (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat), Battery/Charging Testers, Oscilloscope (for advanced testing and vehicle data measurement).

About us: Oldfields Garage in Leominster is an award winning Garage who are approved by The AA and RAC. They subscribe to the Motor Industry Code of Practice and are part of the Approved Garages Network. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

25 Years Caring for Customer Vehicles

We are delighted to have reached a significant milestone in our history - Oldfields Garage has been looking after our customers cars and vans for 25 years. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers along the way who have helped us get to where we are now and we look forward to seeing many of you long into the future.

Who would have thought when Paul & Cheryl Benson took over "Moons Garage" on Green Lane in 1991 that we would now be at our current site looking back at memories of customers former and present (fortunately some who have been with from the start) and still run by the same family, but now with eldest son Tim also working for the business.

So, how are we celebrating?

As a thank you to our customers and to celebrate our milestone we are going to be running some special promotions throughout the year, starting with the first - an exclusive chance for our customers to win VIP entry to the Betfair Premier League Darts in Cardiff!

What's the event?

Judgement Night, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff on Thursday March 31st 2016

The 2016 Betway Premier League Darts season begins on Thursday February 4 as the sport's biggest names battle it out over 16 weeks at venues across the UK, Ireland and Holland in a bid to lift the coveted trophy at London's O2 on May 19.
Defending champion Gary Anderson will head into the season on the back of winning a second consecutive world title and will face Adrian Lewis - the man he beat at Alexandra Palace - in his opening fixture in Leeds.
Four other former Premier League champions will collide on the first evening of fixtures, with six-time winner Phil Taylor taking on 2014 champion Raymond van Barneveld.
Dave Chisnall v Peter Wright
Raymond van Barneveld v Michael van Gerwen
Robert Thornton v Adrian Lewis
Michael Smith v Phil Taylor
James Wade v Gary Anderson

How do I enter?

The competition is only open to Oldfields Garage customers who visit us between 26th January and March the 18th 2016 and complete a feedback form. The winner will be drawn at random on Monday 21st and announced via our Facebook Page.

About us: Oldfields Garage Services Ltd in Leominster carry out MOT testing for cars and light vans and provide a variety of servicing options, which can be found by visiting our website.

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